Sunday, November 19, 2006

LISTening skills

1. I cut my hair on Thursday. I'm sure you will see pics when I post them of our Thanksgiving fun. I like it.
2. We rented Brick on Friday night. It's interesting.
3. I started making Christmas cards this weekend
4. We are having a public sale at work this week
5. We are going to TN for Thanksgiving and I am sooo excited.
6. Tonight was the kick off for our church's 1000 in 2007 effort to get 1000 members to go on a mission trip. We are trying to decide on which one to do. It would be nice if we could take off work for a month at a time.
7. My birthday is in 11 days and I have already received 2 cards...I feel so special. Thank you Erin and G-parents. I still don't feel like I will be 24.
8. We bought a wreath for our door. I want to own one for every season but Ryan thinks wreaths are dumb.
9. We are thinking we will start looking to buy a home after Xmas. We don't know anything about buying homes, but I guess we will learn.
10. We did find out you can go to the Oklahoma County Assessor website and type in any name or address and find out how much they paid for their home, who the past owners were, how much the home is currently worth, and see a pic of it.
11. I think I have a skin disease. I need to call Celeste.


Erin Cornell said...

Yay on buying a home!! You can read my Dave Ramsey chapter on Real Estate if you want :) Or you can ask Justin any question since he's been through it before!

When can we go out to celebrate your b-day?!

Michelle Young said...

I just read your blog today, I usually read it in the morning and I was feeling so empty and then I remembered I hadn't read your blog yet!! Have a good one and is there anything you think that I would buy at your store??

April said...

I hope to hear from you during your visit home. If not, have a Happy Turkey Day!

Congrats on preparing for your first home together. Good luck on searching.

Rachel said...

I'm so excited about you coming here for Thanksgiving/celebrating your birthday! Be safe coming; I love you!!

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