Friday, November 10, 2006


I really do not know what to blog about. I guess I need to start carrying around a notepad and writing down ideas when I think of them. This week has been so busy though I don't have time to think of much else! Monday after work, I went out to eat with friends then went to the church for winter quarter teacher call out, Tuesday I had to do 4 loads of laundry after work and Ryan went out with Jonathan, Wednesday we had church and grocery shopping and cooking to do for the friends we had over for dinner last night, and of course Lo and I watched Grey's, tonight is girl's night with some friends of mine, and Saturday I might get some extra hours in at work, try to get a haircut, and at least spend some time with just me and husband in the evening (unless he goes to Little Rock with Jonathan). We've been busy with so many other people that we need some us time. Since this week was our super social week maybe we will have a super hermit week.

In Reading news: I just finished reading The Mermaid Chair and am moving on to Stephanie Klein's book Straight Up and Dirty. Then the Memory Keepers Daughter, The Ezekial Option, Honeymoon with my Brother, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, and that other one I bought at Walls last week.

Today's question is what gifts should I add to my birthday/Christmas list? I haven't come up with too many to tell Ryan so I need some help.


lauren and brad said...

More blog coupons, a spa certificate!, a label maker?, a winter coat, a song that he wrote, a trip to Eureka Springs or Lindsborg, that's all I can think of.

I have had fun hanging out with you this week! But I'm still mad about tonight... grrrrrr.

Michelle Y. said... about subscription to Real Simple magazine....or Rachel Ray's magazine....those are great! I'm asking for both of those since my real simple on ran sad

Mom I said...

Your friends have great suggestions. Could they make up my Xmas list too? Be sure and send us a couple of ideas of things you and Ry want to. Love you guys.

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