Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Rest of the Holiday Story

To see the rest of the Thanksgiving pictures you can click here. If that doesn't work then leave me a comment bc Yahoo has been changing the way the website looks and I dunno what works anymore.

I got to see 3 of my friends from Hendo while I was home, we celebrated my birthday with the fam, we went to Memphis and saw the Peabody, Beale Street, and Mrs Howard, but most importantly I found out my Poppy used to work in an insane asylum and give people electro-shock therapy. You learn new things about your family everyday.

Anyway I didn't want to post all the pics on here since I gave you a link but here is a great one of me and my blind son Seymour. I love that furry kidd.

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

I think Seymour is the cutest pup ever! I had fun with you tonight...I hope you find your way home in the 6 feet of snow!

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