Saturday, November 04, 2006

Short and Sweet.......Like Me

This weekend has been fun, but I don't feel like being wordy and putting forth the effort to make this a scrumptrulescent post. So here is the short of it. Ryan called me on Friday and asked me out on a date (aww how sweet). We went to the Bricktown Brewery and to see The Prestige. A potentially great movie with an underwhelming ending. Today was Land of Nod with Lo and we discussed our last two readings: Find Me by Rosie O'donnell and The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Both good books. Then we did some shopping. Tonight we ate Joey's Pizza at the Youngs and watched the OSU vs. TX game.

Happy Birthday to Ryan's Dad tomorrow! (I am not a perfect daughter in law and have not memorized the birthdates of all of my inlaws yet. Just the months. So there is no birthday card in the mail for you. I apologize but still wish you a wonderful birthday and love you much!)

In conclusion here is a pic of our adorable neices and nephews who are quite possibly the cutest kids ever......except for the FRKOA (Future Ryan and Katie Offsprings of America).


lor k said...

They are precious! You always sound like you have such fun filled weekends.

Mom I said...

I agree they are the cutest children ever and I can't wait to get my Grandma hands on those FRKOAs. And you are too a wonderful daughter-in-law. We love you both loads. Mom I

lauren and brad said...

I had fun at the Land of Nod meeting! You're the best! xoxoxo

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