Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time and a Half and No Interruptions

My main task at my job is to organize an overstocked 50,000 square foot showroom. To somehow make sense of ALL of the inventory that comes in and find a place for it in a coherent manor. It's already a nearly impossible task, but add Christmas inventory onto that and being interrupted every 15 minutes by customers and you get a job that becomes overwhelming very quickly. So today Janine and I decided to work on a Saturday. I was actually looking forward to it. 1. Because I knew I could accomplish about 3 days worth of work in a few hours since there would be no one to page me over the intercom and 2. because I am hourly and get paid time and a half for overtime. We worked about 5 hours today and it felt really good to see all those empty boxes whose content we somehow made a place for in showroom. Sometimes I think I need a medal. I know my family is laughing hysterically at the thought of me getting paid to organize things because while I was born into a perfectionist family growing up my idea of organized was piles of clothes, piles of homework, piles of everything with a tiny trail to and from the door to my bed. I think my inner organizer is starting to emerge and shine. Be proud Blooming$#@&s, be proud. (I didn't reveal the full last name just for you mom, so the bad guys who stalk my blog will never find you. You can sleep well at night now.)


April said...

I laughed because I remember the times we used to move something of Amy's slightly to the right to see if she noticed. I felt bad making her mad but it was funny. I have to agree reading of you becoming organized is quite scary. What are they doing to you over there?!

lauren and brad said...

I am so proud of you katie! You are quite the organizer! good job. Now you won't have to hire me!!

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