Friday, December 01, 2006

24--not the show, my age!

Yesterday was quite possibly the best birthday ever. Here are 24 reasons why this years birthday has been exceptionally awesome:
1. I got an autumn wreath from Lo! 2 seasonal wreaths down, 2 to go.
2. Thanks to the blizzard in OK neither one of us had to go to work.
3. We got to sleep in and cuddle.
4. Matt invited us over for Gma Isenberg's chicken noodle soup.
5. We spent time at Matt's with our snowed in neighbors and had fun
6. I got many phone calls, cards, emails, and even finger paintings from my friends and family
7. I got to eat the remainder of my birthday cake that my mom made.
8. Ryan made me breakfast in bed.
9. He watched girly shows with me like TLC's A Baby Story and Oprah
10. I didn't have to fix my hair and make-up
11. I got to see a beautiful snowfall for circa 6 hours.
12. I got to read more of my book.
13. Grey's Anatomy was especially dramatic.
14. Did I mention I didn't have to go to work and got to hang out with Ryan all day? :)
15. I ate popcorn for's my birthday I can do what I want.
16. I got many birthday wish messages on facebook and myspace
17. I got to have a pre-birthday bash with my family in Henderson last week
18. I had a lovely decorated and cleaned apt to spend the day in.
19. I got to anticipate the plans Ryan has for us tonight.
20. I still have one year to go until I am a quarter of a century.
21. Ok I really can't think of anymore but here are two pictures that can count for the rest of the numbers :)


April said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great day :).

lauren and brad said...

Happy Happy Birthday! It was so funny seeing you at the mall today! Thanks for having lunch with me and making my day! Have fun tonight! xoxoxo

Mom I said...

So glad you had a great birthday. Oh to be 24 again. I'm jealous of the snow. But I'm glad I don't have to drive in it either. Love you loads birthday girl. (You too of course Ry.)

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