Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Photo Album

Here is a little taste of the wonderful Christmas holiday that Ryan and I had. I don't have the pics uploaded in my album yet but here are a few to whet your appetite.Here is Ry holding his treasured stockingAnd here I am with mineThis was taken at The Henry Ford. My grandad is a train lover. Sadly the train ride was closed in Greenfield Village but he did get to admire this one that is much larger than his at home.We also got to see Good Ole Kassi, our mutual friend and my old roomie.
Here is the fam minus dad on Xmas day! You can tell Ryan the giant was married into my dwarf family. I love my cousins and it is rare that we are all together!
...and rare for the aunts and uncles too. (my Uncle Kevin sometimes has behavioral problems)And here we have the freaks of the family. Apparently it is rare for someone to be able to lick their elbow and touch their cheek by wrapping their arm around their head, so this just goes to show you how much talent we have in our family that 4 can do it! (I know you are all going to try to lick your elbows now....did you do it?)And then there is me and Kelly. We didn't get much time together but we had fun, and I forgive her husband for groping me during Cranium....luckily that scene did NOT make it onto our holiday footage with the new camera.
Today's question is what were some of your favorite holiday memories this year?

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