Sunday, December 10, 2006

Crazy Holiday Week/Smoky Mountain Christmas

Well last week I was super busy every evening and yet somehow I managed to finish the Xmas cards. They should all go in the mail tomorrow!! If you receive yours without a picture please let me know bc I was not paying attention and am sure I forgot a few. I also finished my shopping for Ryan on Saturday. The mall was insane and I don't ever want to go back there again on a Saturday during holiday season. It took me like 20 min. to navigate the parking lot and finally find a spot. This week seems to be about as hectic with a dinner date with friends, a lunch date, a church brunch, and 2 Christmas parties. And somewhere in between there I wanted to clean out the dining room closet.

In other news I was recently at a friends house this week and she was watching Smoky Mountain Christmas with Dolly Parton. I had never seen this movie and only caught snippets of it in between our conversation. It seemed very odd though. She lives in the wilderness with some orphans yet her hair and makeup are done everyday. Some mountain man roams around and looks like he has been in a tanning bed too long. Then there is some witch who is trying to kill Dolly. It was pretty random for the 30 minutes I half watched it. Today's question is have you seen this crazy movie and what is your favorite holiday movie? I am pretty fond of Elf myself.


April said...

I caught glimpses the other day myself. I got to the part where she went into the cottage and changed into some white gown. Then children came in and called her an angel. It wasn't for me. My favorite holiday movie has always been the old Santa Clause: The Movie with Dudley Moore from way back in the 80's. I loved the way the lollipops looked, and was disappointed when mine didn't look so tasty.

Mom I said...

I've heard of that movie but never saw it. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. It is the perfect Christmas movie in my opinion. Laura and Carrie did the "Sisters" song for a talent show at a family reunion and it was priceless. What did ya get Ry?? I promise I won't tell. Course, I guess he reads this blog and your email too. Oh well. He can tell me himself after Christmas. Love you guys.

Lor K said...

I have never seen Smoky Mountain Christmas. But I have seen another movie on Hallmark where Dolly is an angel, she must think awfully highly of herself! Haha. My favorite Christmas movie is the new Miracle on 34th St. It is just a wonderful feel good movie. And I love the house at the end of it. Elf is funny too though!

Lor K said...

By the way. I have started a blog. It is at It don't think it will be as entertaining or enjoyable as yours. But I had fun putting it together.

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