Monday, December 18, 2006

The Festival O' Lights

Last Thursday we went to the the Festival of Lights in Chickasha with Nate and Janine. I'd always heard about them in college but never went. I learned many things through their display of lights such as....
1. When rudolph was sick in bed an angel came to heal him
2. Apparently we are leaving out certain Christmas traditions that have to do with mermaids and dinosaurs.
3. You can have live electrical wires in pond water and not electrocute any ducks
4. Santa stays warm in the North Pole in his Hot Tub
5. And last but not least, despite popular belief, Santa did actually visit Baby Jesus in the manger. He even worshipped him which disproves the legend that Santa=Satan (mix the letters around) Janine and I joined in with Santa in kneeling before the baby Jesus....see pic belowWe also learned an important lesson about trying to do flips off of swings for 5 year olds from Nate, who almost ripped his whole pinky finger off while trying to do so...sadly I do not have a picture of this.

Here are Ryan and I in the tunnel of a million lights. When you go through it you actually time travel.....well maybe not but we can pretend. Today's question is have you been to see any Christmas light displays this year?

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Anonymous said...

I went to see the lights at the Opryland Hotel last night. It was very pretty. Most of the displays were realistic except for one part where there were stuffed zebras and other animals hanging from the ceiling by parachutes. It brought back old memories from the Beta convention days. Celeste

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