Thursday, December 21, 2006

I got a brand new broken phone

Tuesday was just one of those mornings that started out wrong. I was on the phone all morning with insurance people over a claim from August that they are just now billing me for and wanting proof of credible coverage from 2005 before they process it. It's almost 2007 people come on! Can't you bill me say within a few weeks of a doctor's appt? I guess not. Anyway after that the inside screen on my flip phone decided to quit working. Without that working I couldn't see what number I was dialing, who was calling me, any missed calls or new messages. I hate how much I depend on my cell phone but I do. So I go to the Cingular store where they tell me they no longer do loaner phones and I am not elligible for an upgrade until February. But somehow a guy had brought my exact model in awhile ago whose outside screen was broken but the inside screen worked fine. So the cingular man let me just swap phones for free and put my sim card in the less broken phone. I guess I was lucky in that fact that I didn't have to pay anything. But that evening I had to erase Jim's friends numbers that he had saved on the phone (not the sim card). That took an hour. I swear this guy knew someone from every letter of the alphabet. He had like 7 people's phone numbers with the name Kristen. After deleting his numbers and cleaning the phone with Lysol disinfectant spray my new broken phone works fine. Hopefully I can get a cheap one that isn't broken at all in February.


kmom said...

Sounds like you were extremely lucky to get that guy's old phone.
See you soon! kmom

Anonymous said...

just send out a mass email asking for used phones, my dad did and so many ppl responded. i went from no phone to a new phone nicer than the one i used to have for 50 bucks (compared to the 250 cingular was trying to charge me)

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