Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I got a subpoena for Christmas!

Ok I didn't, but one of my friends did. Here is what happend to her. I don't know how much of this I have to keep confidential since the trial is underway, but she works at a store that sometimes receives large orders. One day a random man found their website and ordered $3000 worth of items to be spread on 3 credit cards. This was not unusual until a few days later a woman called and said she had charges from their store on her credit card and had never been to Oklahoma. My friend realized then what had happend and credited the lady back. Then she gets a call from the FBI about this man and they ask her to send them all of the paper work behind his order. He is apparently wanted for a lot of fraud cases. Then she gets a subpoena in the mail to go to trial in Arizona! She tried to get out of it but the courts wouldn't let her. She doesn't have to pay for anything of course but it's still a hassel and she doesn't know how long she will be there or anything. I thought that was a pretty crazy story considering she never met the man, just took an order over the phone. Anyways, say a little prayer for her while she is in AZ by herself this week. Today's question is have you ever received a subpoena or been on jury duty?

Click here to see pics of our apt. all dressed up for the holidays. And yes, the troll nativity scene is still going strong!

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Mom I said...

Your poor friend. I've never been subpoenaed. I'm glad because I cry VERY easily when I'm nervous. I'd make a fool of myself on the stand. I have been on jury duty twice. I didn't enjoy it very much but I'd do it again as my civic duty. (Great patriot that I am) Rick just got summoned for jury duty last Friday but I got him out of it because the hospital can't do without him. (He truly is indispensable around there.)

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