Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Well since I am in Michigan I cannot post pics but I will tell you this Christmas has been wonderful so far and pics will come later!! Ryan and I exchanged gifts on Friday night since we left early on Saturday morning. The best gift he got us was a video camera! He actually won it in a raffle at work, so we got a free video camera which is even better! It's tiny and I am sure we will get some great footage of the family this holiday. He also gave me an Audrey Hepburn book, the new Postsecret book, Chuckles calendar, a wash me/wear me travel bag, some clear gel welding stuff (that was kind of an inside joke), Little Miss Sunshine, 20 Questions travel game, a pedometer, candy, and school supplies (in my stocking in honor of family tradition, thanks for starting that mom). I also got a beautiful lantern candle holder from my mother in law. I got him some candy, I-tunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Peter Griffin talking pen, Family Guy Vol. 4, Mitch Hedburg CD, Dane Cook CD/DVD, White Christmas, Stewie Griffin Uno, and a subscription to Popular Science.

We spent Friday evening at Jonathan's apt. watching a movie on his HUGE TV. Our flight left on time Sat. morning at 6am and we got there just in time to be the last people to board. Due to weight restrictions or something they almost didn't let us on, but we made it. Then we spent all afternoon with my grandad at The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We also have lots of pics from that to show. Last night we got to go out to eat and spend time with my ole roomie Kassi. It was so good to see her. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!! The rest of the Christmas posts will continue when the remaining parts of the family arrive!

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