Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year, New Look

Don't worry it's still our same blog just a new look! I added the holiday photos to my yahoo photos so you can click here to see the rest! Yahoo is being difficult so the rest will be added later with descriptions.

One interesting thing we learned in Greenfield Village was that Thomas Edison had 1,097 patents in his name and it equals out to about one every 22 days of his working years. Can you imagine coming up with a brand new invention every 22 days? He had down times and then times of rapid inventions in which he produced one every 11 days! It makes my brain hurt thinking about it. Today's question is what are your New Year's plans? We are going to our neighbor's and then to see fireworks in Bricktown.


April said...

I love the layout, Katie. the picture looks like it came from a magazine it fits so perfectly. I was about to end and begin my year at work (10pm-6am shift). I managed to find someone else to cover me to spend time with the kids. Who knows what we will do. Well, I'll talk to you next year :).

Michelle said...

Oh I hung out with some really cool people!!! Love the new look!

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