Sunday, December 03, 2006

.....the remaining numbers on the list

Now that the rest of my birthday surprise has been carried out I can finish the list for the previous post...

21. The snow let us spend yet another day at home rather than our jobs
22. Ryan's birthday surprise was a bed and breakfast in Guthrie. We had a 2 bedroom cottage all to ourselves. I loved it!
23. He even brought Steel Magnolias and watched it with me
24. He also gave me a gift card to go antique shopping with and we did all day Saturday, but we haven't found the right item yet. He also gave me a ThumbDrive for me to plug in my car and then insert my jumpdrive and I can play MP3 music (since I do not have a CD player) Such a wonderful hubby!!!

Here are some pics of our weekend.


Mom I said...

What a cute couple!! And what a thoughtful husband. I'm proud of ya son. So glad you had a terrific birthday Katie. Love you guys, Mom I

kmom said...

Wow, Ryan! I am super super impressed!!! Gold stars galore for you!
Looks like you had plenty of snow.

lauren and brad said...

way to go ryan!!! glad you two had fun...miss you kate...when will you go antique-ing with me?

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