Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Say What?!?!

Sometimes in the line of work I am in you have to deal with snooty people. The best ones are the ones who try to make you feel sorry for them because of how much money they have. Boo hoo. Case and point: A few days ago a wealthy semi-famous person's wife was in the store. (I would not have known this, but she told us who she was married to.) While at the check out counter she started talking about just how hard it was to have 4 houses in different states and to keep up with the gardeners and pool boys etc..... This was said in a whiny way like "I have no choice that I have 4 houses and bring this responsibility upon myself." Not only did it shock me that this statement was made to people outside of her rich inner circle, but considering the certain state that she is from that recently suffered a natural disaster, I was surprised that she wouldn't be a little more humble. So today's question is what do you say to a comment like that? Do you be a smart aleck and say "Yeah I TOTALLY can relate" or do you just nod and keep your thoughts inside your head stiffling any shocked facial expressions....which I have a hard time doing.

P.S. Last night we were locked out of our apartment for an hour. It made me feel good that it took us that long to break into our apartment and that it wasn't easy since that means a burglar would have a difficult time breaking in. However Ryan reminded me they would just break a window or something, so there goes my cozy secure feelings (I will not share over the internet how we got in our apt but you can ask next time we talk and you can ask snooty whose wife it was if you are curious)


Mom I said...

You'll be getting a phone call from me, because you now have me very curious. By the way, I'd go for the "keep your thoughts inside your head" approach. I wouldn't want to have the snooty lady get upset with me and get me fired because she has a chip on her shoulder. I'm sure you handled it great and it gave you and Ry something to laugh about over dinner I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi..thanks for your help. it worked.

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kmom said...

When we tune in to see your blog, there is a very long blank place before the blog entry starts. At first I thought my computer was being slow.
With those customers I would have a very hard time not letting my mouth fall open in a gasp or amazement and then trying to be so sympathetic and friendly so they would be encouraged to buy lots of stuff. Good luck being nice.

April said...

Ok I am also curious as to the "snooty" lady. You have to tell sometime or the suspense will drive some of us nuts. Anyways, I agree you handled her very well. Saying something will not help her in any way possible. However these days I tell people exactly what is on my mind. I might have casually asked her why she even needed 4 houses in the first place.

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