Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Growing Older and Wider

That's right I said wider not wiser. When I went to college I was warned about the freshmen 15, but I didn't gain 15 pounds my freshmen year or sophmore year and I don't think I have gained but 10 pounds since I was a senior in high school. What they don't warn you about is weight rearrangement. I have not gained a pound since my wedding day yet I cannot wear the jeans I wore a few months ago. Somehow I think my body fat must be shifting around to different places. At first I thought maybe our scale was just broken, but I have stood on other scales and they all read the same. I can see which parts are getting bigger, especially when I am doing lunges and highkicks to get old jeans on, but if it's shifting from somewhere I don't see any parts getting smaller. I'm so confused. Today's question is have you had weight rearrangement issues or am I a lone case of body weirdness?---which is quite possible considering my past health issues (but don't tell anyone as I am in the process of getting qualified for independent health insurance right now)


Mom I said...

Welcome to WOMANHOOD Katie. I weigh the same as the day I got married and my body is totally different. I can't blame it just on having three kids either. Womens bodies just shift as we age. And thats not a totally bad thing. Your husband will enjoy getting to know every new curve as the years go by. And you will enjoy getting a new wardrobe as your changes neccesitate.

mandapanda said...

Yes, this is just another joy of being a woman....I weigh the same I did before I got preggo with Philip and Michael..after I had Philip within weeks I could get back into my old clothes (I gained 15 lbs with Philip and lost I all by 6 weeks plus some) I weighed the same as I did when I got preggo with Michael and only gained 14 lbs and it's been a year and I weigh no more no less that when I started this child bearing and can't fit into my clothes!! I'm just 1/2 size difference so I had to go up and the bigger size could fall off me but the original size doesn't fit in the hips/thighs area!!! It's a joy we all have to endure!
And I didn't gain the freshman 15 but the honeymooner's 20!! So good on you that you skiped that joy of marriage!!!! :0) It's ok and your body will never stop changing so just embrace it an enjoy life!!

Michelle said...

Hey, this has nothing to do with your post...but more fyi for you, we'll be at home this weekend if we get snowed in again so maybe we can play a game this time. Also I think we're going to end up buying David's house, he's putting in a bath tub for us, painting a few rooms, and buying us a new refridgerator. So we'll see if it all works out! Have a good day.


Erin's Nanny Diaries said...

Oh Katie, I have gained twenty pounds since high school, but I like to think its twenty pounds of muscle. I used to have a huge bahonkus....now its flatter and wider. Im right there with you little lady.

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