Sunday, January 07, 2007

Man Vs. Wild

I don't know how often you actually sit down and watch shows on the Discovery channel but every now and then I stop there and am amazed at this guy on the show Man Vs. Wild. The show is about this guy named Bear Grylls (no joke) who voluntarily strands himself on a different deserted location every episode. It is the ultimate survival show. In one epidsode that Ryan saw (and I somehow missed) he ate raw bloody meat off a freshly killed zebra in the dessert. He just dug right in like a lion. Then to keep the heat from getting to him in the dessert he urinated on a T-shirt and wrapped it around his head and mouth to stay cool! Guh-ross. What's funny about the show is he is sooo enthusiatic about everything he does, much like the crocodile hunter (RIP). Even though he can safely eat raw salmon he will spend hours showing how to make an authentic Hawaiian oven to cook it out of sand, stone, and bay leaves because he has always wanted to but just never had time to.

In preparing to do this post I looked him up and was pretty impressed and amused at his bio. You can read the whole thing here but I will post my favorite parts.

"In June 2005, Grylls broke a world record by hosting a dinner party at a table suspended below a hot air balloon at 24,500 feet. He rappelled from the balloon's basket to the table, where in full naval uniform he ate a three-course meal"

"Bear lives on a converted barge on the River Thames with his wife Shara and their young sons Jesse and Marmaduke."

What a guy. Today's question is have you ever seen this show and if so what is the craziest thing you have seen him do?

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K8theGreat said...

I too, enjoy that crazy show! It's just amazing what he does to "help the viewer if they are in the same position" Among the craziest of things, I have to say is when he was on the raft in the Pacific ocean and the sharks were all around him! My palms were sweaty and you could hear the fear in his voice!! I was also shocked when he was perfectly dry and happy and proceeded to jump into the water in the Artic!! (of course to show the viewer what to do if it should happen to them)...

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