Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Operation Godfrey

Over Christmas break I spent some time reading through my grandfather's large collection of our geneology. I was reading over the section of his bio and he stated his mother named him after the hero in a book she was reading. He never asked her what book though. So being the mystery lover that I am, I have been trying to solve this one. Godfrey isn't a popular name so it wasn't too hard to google around and find 2 books written in the early 20's with a Godfrey in them. They didn't have them at our library, but I emailed him about them to see if Michigan's had them. Then by strange coincidence he was at a restaurant and mentioned his namesake quest to the waitress who just happend to know an old book with a Godfrey in it (pretty weird huh). However it was written a little too late, but in researching that my grandad found another possibility: a book called The Professor's House by Willa Cather published in 1925. They didn't have it at his library but they have it at mine and I have checked it out to see what I think. He doesn't seem to be a hero according to the synopsis, but he is the protagonist of the book. So today's question is who were you named after? Or do you know of any books with a Godfrey in them (written in the 20's or before)?


Mom I said...

I was named after our preachers wife, Ramona Woods. Her husband, Leonard Woods, was our preacher here in Newberg during alot of my youth and they lived across the street from us. She's a wonderful Christian woman and I'm proud to be able to share her name. My middle name, Evalyn, is also my mothers middle name because my grandmothers name was Carrie Evalina.

ktsdad said...

Dad and his twin brother named their firstborn sons after each other - thus, Larry "Wayne". I'm grateful that Mom and Dad didn't pursue their plans to combine their names for their first offspring - in which case I would have been Wenry or Madell!

lauren vanessa said...

ooooooh....a mystery for katie! how fun! i was named after lauren bacall and vanessa redgrave (my name is lauren vanessa) a psychic told my mom that she was having a boy so she didn't pick out a name, and when i came out a girl and they were going to charge her $20 to leave the hospital w/o a name, she came up with it on the fly. i love my name though and so glad i wasn't chaz (my carefully thought out boy's name, ick)
good luck with your hunt! :)
see you tonight! :)

lor k said...

I was supposed to be Jennifer, but my moms cousin named her daughter Jennifer a couple of monthes before I was born. So mom got my name from General Hospitals Laura Spencer (as in Luke and Laura). And I share my mom and grandmas middle name Evalyn. Good luck with the name search!

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