Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Opportunity Knocketh

Sometimes life throws things at you that you just weren't expecting and you have to make grown up decisions about what to do. Usually I don't like having to make grown up decisions because I suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. However the most recent decision I am pretty excited about. I accepted a new job yesterday at a company that designs and builds custom furniture. It was a place I applied to 4 months ago and they called me around Thanksgiving and offered me the job around Xmas. I think it will be more challenging and interesting than my current job.....and it pays more money, so that always helps too! I start in two weeks and will have to learn to wake up at circa 5:30 or 6am as their hours are 7-3 and I have to drive about 30 min to get there. I'm hoping I really like it, but I am learning quickly that if I don't like it, God will provide other opportunities for me, most likely when I least expect it!


Mom I said...

Yeah for you Katie!!! I hope you love the new job and can adjust to the new hours easily. And I love to hear those words of faith "God will provide". We're very happy for you and your decision. Love ya.

kmom said...

Congratulations!!! Good luck at your new job! It sounds like it will be interesting for you.

lauren and brad said...

Way to go Katie!!! Please help me with my grownup decisions? I am desperate! I am proud of you for trying out something new!

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