Thursday, January 18, 2007

Surviving the Elements

As most of you know, the midwest has offended God in some way and He has punished us with horrible weather. Snow would be ok, which we are supposedly getting 6-8 inches of this weekend. But the 3 inches of ice covering the roads for the past week is not cool. And now there will be snow on top of that. The highways were pretty clear by Tuesday but the side roads are still pretty horrible. And OKC is not equipped with enough trucks to combat ice. Ryan has been so kind to drive me to work everyday this week, but I start my new job next week and it is in another city 30 minutes away so I will have to toughen up by then. It could be worse though, we haven't been without electricity or anything like that. Church has been cancelled though and of course no school is going on. I wish I were in Junior High right about now. Weather somehow doesn't effect the work world like it does the school world. Here is a list of things we have done to pass the time in our ice covered hermit world:
1. house hunted on the internet
2. watched Playing by Heart and Hitch
3. read
4. organized health/beauty drawers
5. ate too much
6. caught up on blog reading and emails
7. cleaned off the dining room and kitchen tables
8. stared at each other
9. slept
10. wrote thank you notes
11. clipped toenails

You get the point. Anyway please pray that God will forgive the midwest for offending Him and bring us the sunshine and temperatures above freezing. Today's question is what would you do to pass the time in inclement weather? (P.S. tomorrow is my last day at work and my mom's birthday!)


Mom I said...

Eat, read and watch HGTV (if I have power) pretty much covers it since Rick isn't a game player and would probably be out in his garage anyway. Happy birthday to your mom. I sure hope the weather turns by Monday too so you don't have any trouble driving to your new job. And good luck on that new endeavor.

Erin C said...

Happy Birthday Mrs B! We have been here in the storm too and have basically been so lazy and have been camped out on the couch watching tv. When it is freezing outside and the weather is bad, it sort of takes away my drive to do anything!

April said...

During the winters in NY, we used to just relax with a cup of cocoa. It was too cold to really enjoy anything outside. Sometimes I would clean the house a little too clean only to have the kids and me mess it up to give me something else to do.

Krista said...

Playing by Heart is one of my favorite movies! I think you have just inspired me to go watch it again.

This weekend I have a lot of cleaning up to do around my house. So I think I'll stay occupied if I am stuck inside again for a few days.

Good luck with your new job!

Erin's Nanny Diaries said...

knowing me, I would write poems about nothing, watch the Office and color coordinate my closet. Im glad Texas and OK are getting snow and ice. We just got our first snow two days ago, it barely covered the ground...and now its gone. PS, im still effected by the school world.....if it snows, the kids stay home from thanks to the snow. Happy Birthday Little Debbie

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