Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Old Man Winter

GO AWAY!!! That's right I said it. I am tired of winter. I don't like snow. I don't like ice. I don't like cold. And we keep getting it. I have to drive in it slowly and use windshield wiper fluid every 30 seconds. I have to bundle up in the covers. I have to take tiny baby steps so I don't fall. I can't even fellowship in church because it keeps getting cancelled. And yet it keeps coming. Why would anyone like winter unless they get to hibernate in it? I mean really is there any point in freezing the earth a few months out of the year? I don't think so. I guess we should start house hunting closer to the equator, but we were holding out to stay in Oklahoma because when the polar ice caps melt and everyone on the coasts comes running....they'll be running right towards the middle and we will already be here safe and sound. But we may have to reconsider if old man winter wants to play freeze out with our little state. Today's question is what do meteorologists gain by exaggerating weatherly circumstances?


Troy said...

Here in OR. you guys missed out on "winter blast 2007" It was the big one all the meteorologists in PDX were waiting for, and sure enough it snowed for two days and then was gone in another two. But those meteor guys ate up every second of that breaking in to our tv programs to tell us that the snow is still out there! Uh,..... Ya,.... guess what guy, I have a window too! REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

I really have no clue what snow is like in OK. NY was absolutely horrible. I will always remember the days when we went to bed with green grass only to awake with 3 feet of snow. That is not exaggerating. What made it worse was the winds dropping the temp below 0. Luckily for you, the snow doesn't stay for 8-9 months out of the year before it melts. I defintely understand where you are coming from with the snow. DO be careful because I am also seeing how the roads look in OKC. Tell work to cancel to keep you two safe.

Mom I said...

Good question. I guess they consider it job security if they make their weather forcast sound soooo important. Troys right about the Oregon news stations though. Its so frustrating because if there is just a hint of bad weather they think they have to cancel every show and stay on the air to show us that a snow flake fell on Barbur Blvd or the Willamette River raised an inch. Like we've never had snow or lots of rain in Oregon before. Okay, so much for my ranting. I hope spring comes early to OKC just for you Katie. Love ya.

lolo said... my's funny about sno-klahoma. come over to the new house soon, neighbor. xoxo

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