Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan!

He's 24 today. I have no current picture of him to put with this post, but he did get a Valentine's haircut just for me and he looks especially handsome. It only took 2 and a half weeks of my begging for him to get one too. We had a marvelous weekend in Dallas. We stayed at a nice hotel downtown and went to the Bodies World exhibit. It was really intriguing, educational, and sad in some ways. It's an exhibit of people who have donated their bodies to science and have been preserved through plastination. You can't tell who they are as they have been cut up in different ways to show different parts of the amazing human body. Some are full bodies posed in different positions like running, gymnastic positions, playing basketball, etc. Other displays just showed organ comparisons like healthy lung vs. smoker's lung. You can click here to learn more about the exhibit. It truly is fascinating. The sad part was an 8 month pregnant lady who donated her body after she found out she was pregnant and had a terminal illness. She died before the baby was born and while it was very amazing to see, it was also very sad. Also while we were in Dallas we got to go to Fry's Electronics and Ikea. We didn't buy anything (except a popsicle maker) but had lots of fun browsing. I think I will have to go back to Ikea when we are all moved in and I can see what we need. I get overwhelmed every time I go. To top off the great weekend he actually allowed me to buy him some new clothes for his bday too! This week should be exciting because the weather is finally warming up and it is supposed to be 70 by Friday!! We have our home inspection tomorrow so please pray that everything goes well. To prepare for an upcoming post today's question is threefold do you believe in dinosaurs? do you think they lived when humans did? Why do you believe what you do? You can answer any or all parts.

P.S. Also Happy Birthday to Allison today!!


Mom I said...

Yes, I believe dinosaurs existed. And since God created man and animals on the same day (the 6th day) then they did coexist on the earth. Maybe they were too big to get on the ark and thats why they are extinct?

lor k said...

I do believe that dinosaurs existed. It think there is too much physical evidence to prove otherwise, and also there is some interesting scripture about a dinosaurish creature. I do think they lived at the same time as humans. I think there is A LOT of guessing on the scientist part with some of the "facts" and stuff they come up with. I think they became extinct like many animals became extinct. They just died off.

lor k said...

By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! I know I didn't call, but I thought about you all day. I love you.

April said...

I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN! Good to hear your trip to Dallas was a good one. We will be flying to San Antonio in March. Hopefully it will warm up by then. I don't know how to answer the dinosaur question. I used to believe, but I get skeptical at times.

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