Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have a bone to pick with you Mr. Stegosaurus

This weekend we got to go to the Dallas Museum of Natural History along with our tickets to the Bodies exhibit. They mainly had a showcase of taxidermy animals indigenous to Texas. Imagine our excitement upon seeing stuffed prairie dogs and armadillos in a faux natural habitat! (that was sarcasm if you don't pick up on things like that). Upstairs were the "dinosaurs" and they had one ridonculous tortoise hanging from the ceiling like the one seen in the picture. Just seeing that I do not believe in it. And you may say "but Katie they found those bones so it must have been real" and I will say nay nay. They usually find a vertebrae and a skull and a few other random bones and then they hypothesize what it looked like and create the whole "skeleton" that you see in museums. Not cool. I know I am not an archeologist and I know they have found some pretty full skeletons of creatures, but a lot of it is educated guesses. Who can blame theme though? If I found a few bones in my backyard I wouldn't just draw up a measley animal. I'd go ahead and assume it was 60 feet tall too. I do believe that there are large creatures that existed and that God has the power to create whatever kind of creature he wants, but when it comes down to it I have decided I believe in ghosts more than the dinosaur skeletons in museums.

Today's unrelated question is have you ever been in a workplace where there wasn't gossip and major drama? I'm beginning to think it doesn't exist.....just like the dinosaurs.


Mom I said...

When I worked as a secretary for four preachers at a large congregation it was actually pretty tame. I guess its because men aren't as prone to gossip and drama as women are. I must admit that every other job from waitressing to legal secretary had its share of all that garbage. Its no wonder I found being a homemaker and mother the BEST job in the world.

Blair & Rachel said...

Gossip is the foundation on which I work on. I hate it, but I there's at least 30 women in my department alone so yeah, WOMEN...sheesh.

And back to the previous post, the hotel you stayed in Dallas...I noticed they offer complimentary bedtime cookies and milk. Did you get this service and did they bring it to you in bed?

Anonymous said...

and get this.
Sue the T-Rex from the Chicago Museum of Natural History went on tour last year. Only get this. The real bones stayed in Chicago and a plastic replica went on tour, but they did tell anybody. Lame.
But, for what its worth, dinosours are cool. Did you see Jurassic Park 3?

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