Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In case you were wondering....

1. Our fish Jasper is still alive.
2. We are still reading through the Bible chronologically although Leviticus and Numbers are very tedious to read.
3. Our house is getting a new roof on it, the inspection and appraisal went well, and we still plan to move in March 17
4. I have not started packing but have started collecting boxes
5. I still haven't used my birthday antique shopping money
6. The snow has all melted away and we are having beautiful weather now
7. We did have a contaminated jar of Peter Pan peanut butter but we didn't realize it until after I had made no bake cookies (AKA chocolate Oatmeal Cookies) for everyone at work with it. So the next week they all thought I tried to poison them.....maybe I did
8. I'm still learning lots of things from Oprah daily and want to move to South Africa to work at her new school for girls.
9. We are switching insurance companies and putting house, car, and life all with one company....another adult activity I am loathing.
10. My grandmother is still doing the same so keep praying. The doctors have confirmed a stroke, but say it doesn't explain her lack of function, so they are still searching for an answer.

Today's question is do you know anyone born on leap year day, Feb 29? I did not until today. A guy at work is. I would hate only having a birthday every 4 years, but I would make sure I had an extra special celebration whenever it came around.


April said...

My old friend from high school has a son born on leap year. He turns 6 (or 2 :) ) this year. Hope everything continues to work out for you.

Anonymous said...

My cousin Chuck was born on leap year. He's supposed to be 50 this year so I'll let you figure out how old he would be in leap years. Like I said a couple of blogs ago, I'm not a math whiz. I'm glad you and Ry didn't get sick on that peanut butter. I'm praying for your Grandma. Thanks for all the updates.

Mom I said...

That last anonymous was from your Oregon mother. Love you guys.

lauren and brad said...

my fifth grade teacher was born on leap year. i think she was like 44 in real the same age as her fifth graders according to her birthday! purty cool.

Sally said...

Jonathan and I had a jar of peanut butter that was contaminated as well. We had already eaten half of the jar!

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