Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've already learned so much!

In the past 2.5 weeks since I have started my new job I have already learned so much. Thanks to being able to be home by 4:00 Oprah has been able to share so many things with me that I might not have known otherwise. Here is a list of some of the things I have learned
1. You can still look good naked on a billboard at 65.
2. John Travolta parks his Jet in front of his home
3. One lady at the Spanx factory can sew 500 crotches a day
4. If you have an empty nest you should adopt 5 teenage orphans from Africa
5. You can be a good mom whether you work or stay at home
6. To save money, find five friends (who are your same size and live within a block) to share your designer clothes with
7. Have your own bank account in your name only in case your husband goes AWOL and leaves you way in debt.
8. Try not to plan too far into the future, because things rarely turn out how you plan them.
9. Muslim women can teach aerobics and jog in their full robes and head coverings
10. Embrace your 30's
11. Have a spiritual partnership with your spouse.
12. You can be in a marching band even if you are in a wheelchair.
13. When in premature labor, find an 11 year old boy who takes nursing classes at his elementary school to help you out
14. Only one set of conjoined twins who share a single kidney has ever been separated
15. Kate Winslet is the youngest person to ever be nominated for 5 oscars.

Well I look forward to the many more valuable things I will learn thanks to my new job and I hope I can keep you abreast of my new wealth of knowledge. Today's question is what are you doing for Valentine's day? In the busy-ness of new jobs and house hunting we have almost forgotten about it, but we might go to Dallas for a Vday/Ryan bday weekend. We'll see.


lo-the unsmart one! said...

Man, you are a GENIUS! I am so excited you are learning so much. I hope I am never in a trivia match with you!

Mom I said...

No plans for Valentines day. Its a Wednesday so I'm sure it will be work/babysit and go to Bible class. But, Lord willing, I will get to spend it with my favorite Valentine. I just hope he's not sick anymore by that time. Katie, I'm so impressed with all your Oprah knowledge. I obviously don't get to watch her enough. I wish she were on earlier in the afternoon so she didn't interfere with my walking time.

Walt & Saundra said...

Oh, if only I hadn't wasted so much time at Chateau when I could have been learning "O" wisdom. :)

Looking forward to scrutinizing your house tomorrow!

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