Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just another reason why I don't support NASA

One of my very first posts was about the ridonculous amounts of money spent on space exploration. And now thanks to NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, I have another reason to think our space program is crazy. If you have not already heard about this lady from the TV, radio, or newspaper please let me enlighten you:

In some sort of strange space love triangle, Lisa became jealous of an Air Force captain named Colleen who seemed to be gaining the attention Bill, one of Lisa'a fellow astronauts that she had a crush on. So Lisa drove from Houston to Orlando seeking revenge while Colleen was in an airplane going in the same direction. She was serious about this road trip revenge and wore diapers so she didn't even have to stop and pee (couldn't she stop and pee when she was getting gas?). She found Colleen at the airport and got on a bus and followed her to the parking lot wearing a trench coat and wig. When Colleen realized she was being followed, she rushed to her car and locked the door. But then cracked the window to see what this crazy space lady in a trenchcoat wanted. It was then that Lisa pepper sprayed her. Colleen luckily was able to drive away and alert police who easily found Lisa in a new trenchcoat stuffing a bee bee gun in a trash can. Then they found a knife, steel mallet, rubber tubing, trash bags, and $600 on her (that must've been a big trench coat). She is now being held on numerous charges (two of which should be stupidity and immaturity). Her lawyer wants her set free without bond because "At times like this, judge, one's good works must count for something." Ah yes and going into outerspace last summer sure did a lot of good for mankind.


lauren said...

i love this post! brad told me about this last night and i found it unbelievable. i can't believe things like this happen. you made me laugh today katie! hehe. p.s. what is your email address...i can't find it!

Walt & Saundra said...

Walt told me about this chic last night...he said she must have snapped, and that astronauts are the cream of the crop. Obviously, he doesn't know how crazy a woman can get when she's obsessed and PMSing. That should be admissable in court..."temporary PMS insanity and lack of oxygen due to astronaut extracurricular activities."

Mom I said...

I agree with you that space exploration is a huge waste of money when there are so many things on this old earth that need taken care of. I know people will think me small minded, but, hey, I'm entitled.

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