Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Party

I'm doing a horrible job of taking pictures to post this year but we had an Oscar party last night with a few of our friends and you will just have to imagine what we looked like. Unfortunately I was the only one to wear a pretty dress this year, but oh well. Since I hadn't seen most of the movies nominated (as usual) I wasn't too partial for any winners. I did root for Little Miss Sunshine though and it won a few. Allison and I managed to cram in Babel and The Departed this weekend. I will not recommend either due to nudity, violence, and language. But if you like gangster movies where everyone gets shot and bloody then go ahead and see The Departed. My favorite part of the evening was the sound effects choir. They showed clips of horses marching, airplanes flying, and guns shooting etc. and this choir made the sound effects for them and it was amazing. I also liked the acrobats who made shadow puppets of different movies. Oh yeah and the comedy song with Jack Black and Will Ferrell was pretty hilarious too.

Anyway more importantly I would like to ask you all for prayers for my Grandmother who is in the hospital right now and the doctors aren't sure yet what is wrong with her. She isn't able to communicate and she is in the critical care ICU right now. Also please pray for my family who is swapping hospital shifts and grandpa shifts. It's hard to be far away from them and not offer any help but we are praying for them and I ask that you do too! Thank you.

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kmom said...

Thank you so very much for the prayers. Please keep praying. There is always hope. Pray for God's will to be done. We want that and we want what is best for Gran.

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