Sunday, February 04, 2007

Room Planner

So there is one house we are seriously considering right now, but the people are still living there and it is hard for me to imagine the actual size of the room with all of their stuff in it. Plus I have depth perception issues anyway so today we took our tape measurer and then I came home and played with Room Planner to make sure it would all fit. Room Planner is a free tool that you can use to space plan. It's much easier than moving the actual furniture around. You can click here then click on the Room Planner link at the bottom and follow instructions. You can plug in room size and add windows and doors where they go and they have all sorts of furniture templates that you can adjust to the size of your furniture. Then you just click and place where you want to go and you have a space plan scaled to the right size! It's really fun to do. If you want to save them though you have to create an account with an email address, but I think you can print it without having an account. Either way it's free and fun and I encourage all of you with furniture arranging needs to check it out. Our realtor said he had a client one time who actually made life size templates of her furniture out of butcher paper or something and brought them to the house and laid them out on the floor.....same principal but much easier to do on a computer. Today's question is what do you wish you would've done differently when buying your first house?


Becky said...

I'm Lor K's sister-in-law and try to keep up on your blog. . . I must say you are a wonderful writer!! You give me a nice break at work when I need a little pick up. My husband and I bought our first house in August - be careful of the paperwork at the end. We had everything scheduled all by dates the lender and seller had given us. . . so we planned accordingly - even with a small cushion. Out of our apartment, hook up this and that, moving vans, etc, then we got shoved back 5 days, so we scrambled for days very stressed and changed ALL of our well laid plans - but in the end it worked out and we're in our home and it's awesome. But just give your self a little extra cushion for the paperwork to all go through. Good luck to you and Ryan!!

Carrie M said...

We had driven a few hundred miles with a very full u haul and a very tight scheduel, expecting to get the keys to our new house on the day we arrived. But paper work got held up and so we ended up staying in a hotel for a weekend with everything we owned crammed into a u haul. So I agree with Becky, give yourself extra cushion and don't expect everything to go as planned.

lolo said...

alleleuia! your comments make me feel so much better! i thought we were the only ones whose closing went awry. one week delay thanks to old man winter then an additional four for the lendor's paperwork to clear. ay yay yay. kate thanks for the furniture planning website. just last night i told brad i needed you to come over to help me arrange my furniture. it is so difficult!

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