Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boooo Taxes

So I started doing our taxes last night with TurboTax and was getting excited as I watched our refund number keep rising and rising. But then it dropped drastically and when it came to the State Taxes we had to pay more than our federal refund was for so I was NOT happy. Last year we got a huge return, but I think it's bc we only had full time jobs for less than half of the year so we were poorer. I don't know. I really don't want to either because I am sure that's more of a headache. But it's done so I can check that off of my list!

Also the stud finder Ryan bought doesn't seem to work on our walls. He tested it and it works, but when he scans our walls it's really random and goes off sporatically and inconsistently. Maybe you can't use them on plaster/drywall. So I didn't get to unpack our last box until he can figure out if it will stay up there.

We decided to leave the mirror above the fireplace. I hung a beautiful wreath from Lo in the middle of it with a suction cup hook. However the weight of it made it slide down to the bottom by this morning so I think I need 2 hooks.

Be watching for the next post when I list all of the wonderful items we are giving away for free so you can snatch them before they go to Goodwill!


Walt & Saundra said...

Plaster SUCKS! Walt made me promise we would never buy another house with plaster after we chopped and hauled a full container of the stuff out of the Vegas House. Blech. I used to think it was cool and quaint, until I saw the massive amount of horse hair in the wall and thought the original owners had killed someone and put him in the walls.
Hehehehe. So, as long as neither of you are allergic to horses, you should be fine! :)

That said, I'd keep the mirror too if I were you. It's probably glued up there, and if it's removed, it will pull down the plaster with it...creating an endless mess that will culminate in replacing the entire living room with drywall. Speaking from bitter experience here... ;)
Love ya!

Mom I said...

Sorry to hear about your tax situation. We actually got better news this year than we did last year. We had to pay last year so Rick had them take more out of each check. I hate that April 15th surprise when the tax man says "pay up". I'd much rather pay him through-out the year and have him give me some back. Hey why don't you just bring all that extra stuff your gonna get rid of to Oregon next week. Our house is a GREAT location to hold a garage sale (all those Naps shoppers). Just kidding. I'm counting the days. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I remember talking to Saundra while she was working on those crazy plaster walls. . . You know, we got Will a stud finder a year or two ago & it didn't work for us either. Frustrating, isn't it? Sorry about your taxes. . . those are frustrating too. Will did ours this year on Turbo Tax & let me tell you having a baby & buying a house helps out a lot. Not that I'm saying you should have a baby but the house will sure help! Love you & again, can't wait to see you! ~Wendy.

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