Tuesday, March 20, 2007

House....5 days in and counting

First of all thank you sooo much to all of our wonderful friends who helped us move!! I feel like if I try to say how much much I appreciate you it will be like the Oscars and someone will start playing music to shut me up so THANK YOU!!! We had people bring boxes, trucks, breakfast, and muscles and help us move our stuff 2 miles down the road on Saturday. Luckily Ryan was able to paint the ceiling on Friday night and move a lot of boxes over before ALL of our belongings crowded the house. We have learned a lot already such as: previous owners dog + shampooing carpet = wet dog smell throughout house. I'm sure we will have many more lessons to learn. Here is our journey so far in pictures.

On Friday the living room colors resembled McDonald's circa 1980. This could work for some people, but not for us.We do go for the traffic light look though as you can see by this lovely pic of Ryan, his new ladder, and his barrel ceiling painting skillz.Let's not even talk about about how NASTY the kitchen was. People who put down "marble" contact paper and have mouse poo in EVERY drawer and cabinet should not be allowed in the USA. It's called sanitation and since we are not in a 3rd world country, it's fairly simple to uphold.
We also learned on Friday that the city is tearing up our road and repaving it so we have traffic cones in our yard. I don't have a picture of that. But I do have a picture of our empty apt on Saturday evening. I shed a tear as we left. I really do love that place and our landlady. (and that chandelier which I did not win on ebay) You will notice that we are painting the living and dining room the same colors as we did the apt. After much scrubbing and elbow grease and the help of Erin we managed to clean the mouse poo, cockroach gunk, contact paper, and lay new shelf liner to prepare for our dishes. I think it is safe enough to eat in now. Besides the mess, the owners also left us a bread machine....and weight gain formula. Our bedroom looks pretty much like the one in the apt too but it was already this color. I am actually sharing the tiny closet with Ryan...AND the dresser. It will keep me from buying anymore clothes because there isn't room for anymore! I just have to hem up curtains for the window behind the bed and it will be done-zo for now.Here is the bathroom that we will paint one day. I even found the perfect size baskets to go on our white shelves. It's so bright that I will be able to correctly pluck my eyebrows from now on!The guest room is pretty random right now but it will NOT be staying pink. The bed is set up though so we can take guests anytime! And finally we have the progress on the living room. We had to leave it for a few days while we moved furniture and boxes around but Ryan was able to prime the rest last night and we got to painting after Bible study tonight. It's looking much better already! Next we just have to try to take down the huge mirror without getting 7 years of bad luck. I have no pics of the study because it's pretty full of boxes still. But we do have the internet so I will be able to post regularly again. It's WAY past my bedtime so goodnight! Today's question is what did you do for St. Patty's Day?


ktsdad said...

Thanks for all the pix! I've been anxious to see everything. Mom was really sad last night that she couldn't be there to help with all the mouse poo! Once again, it looks like you've married the right man! Love ya' both!

Mom I said...

Wow. The house is looking great. Looks like you're really making it your own. I think the extra bedroom looks great in pink. It matches the really soft blanket you have. Do you guys dislike painting as much as me? But if I were there I would gladly help you out (that's just how much I love ya.) As far as St. Pattys Day, I walked, cleaned house and watched kids (because Laura and Troy had a party at their house). So actually, it was pretty much like every other day. Except I wore green in honor of your moving day. Love ya and counting the days till April 4.

lo said...

looks so cute! you guys are excellent home owners! keep the pics coming!

kmom said...

For St.Patrick's Day, I wore a dark green turtleneck and socks, but Amy thought my top was turquoise. Then I don't even think I went out of the house, but I was busy doing something. The finished picture of your kitchen looks great with your table and chairs in it. Stud man is doing a great job of painting. I enjoyed the pics of the wedding and I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading. Love ya!

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