Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lord of the Wedding Rings

This weekend was our first themed wedding and it did not disappoint. Ryan's cousin had a renaissance/medieval/Lord of the Rings themed wedding. Although we did not dress in costume (bc Ryan is no fun), a majority of the guests did. To see all of the pics you can click here, but I will try to give you a good sampler. The wedding took place in the woods and the groomsmen wore black tunics with the Tree of Gondor embroidered on the chest, chain mail, leather boots, and of course their belts with swords etc. The bridal party wore periwinkle velvet dresses with lace bell sleeves and elf ears (like Arwen in LOTR). The groom said his chainmail weighed probably 100 punds! Sara's dress was beautiful and laced in the front, she wore a floral wreath around her head. The reception was an authentic 9 course feast including vegies, fruits, eggs, bread, cheese, rabbit stew (tastes like chicken), pork and barley, wedding cake, and homemade beer made from honey. The food was delicious and the servers were even sang a song that Grandpa wasn't too fond of. Most of the family left early and we had more packing to do so we did not stay for the day long festival of activities. I'm sure there was sword fighting involved and there were horses there. I guess us party poopers will have to leave that part to our imagination. There was a man there with his pet hawk but I did not get a picture of him. Hopefully Kira will post that one. Anyway here are a few pics. Enjoy!
The whole medieval party by Tree of Gondor altarLord and Lady Broyles with Cody and Brayden the ring bearersTheoden loves chainmail already! A baby after his daddy's heartThe Isenberg family table Ryan, me, and Kira awaiting more courses of food!They had the family flags in the reception hall and this is the Isenberg one

Lord and Lady Goss with Lord and Lady Broyles, Theoden, and Lord and Lady Isenberg.

The happy couple is now honeymooning in Ireland. Such a fairy tale wedding with a happy ending! Today's question is if you had a themed wedding what would it be? I think a Christmas themed wedding would be fun, of course it would need to be in December or else it would just be awkward.

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Mom I said...

So what does honey beer taste like? Ryan, you look so proud standing in front of our family flag. I think I'll make one for everyone in our family to put on our front porches. Course it will have to hang lower than the good ole stars and stripes. I think a "winter" theme would be pretty. Have everything white and sparkling like snow and moonlight.

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