Friday, March 23, 2007

March Mayhem

This is what I want to know: Do people at your jobs talk about this March Madness thing all day long and have bets and bracket sheets and go over whose ahead and blah blah and watch games on the internet while they should be working? I don't get it.

More pics of the finished living room will come soon. The camera battery died and I don't know where it is :)


Anonymous said...

Since I am the lone employee at my parent's mini storage & I don't talk about it I don't hear anything about it. I do want to say Congratulations though on being moved in! I know it's a process & will be interested to know when you get that last box unpacked & put away. I love your house though, it has so much charm & character. I also look forward to seeing more pictures & to seeing you guys when you get here for your visit! Love you both! ~Wendy.

Lola's *mom* said...

I'm so over it! My husband talks about it non-stop. It's crazy.

lor k said...

YESSSS! I work in a room full of girls, and they still have their bets and brackets!

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