Friday, March 16, 2007

Moving On Up....

1. We are closing on our house today!!!! It got a new roof and minor repairs done to it this week.
2. Ryan took off work to paint and move small stuff today
3. We are also moving all day tomorrow and I am attempting to shampoo carpets
4. I found the EXACT chandelier from our apt on ebay and am HOPING I don't get outbid. It ends on Monday evening though so I can sit and at the computer and outbid someone at the last second...hopefully.
5. Today is also Violet's 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Violet! We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
6. My grandad is also moving this weekend to an assisted living facility. My grandmother can join him there as soon as she passes the swallowing test. She has made small improvements and has started physical therapy. Thanks for the prayers, keep praying for them.
7. I will post more pics of the house as soon as we get settled in.....and I can find which box Ryan put the camera in!


lauren said...

today is the day! today is the day! hooray! hooray!

can't wait to see the new place this week-end! good luck and let us know if you need anything. so excited about the chandelier bidding! yeah!

love, love, love the pic of keith! nice little addition to the blog world! :)

Lor K said...

YEAH! HOW EXCITING! I hope I get to see it when we come back this summer for the reunion. I am looking forward to seeing pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, just wanted to say I hope you have a fun weekend. Moving out of a place is no fun but the excitment of a new house seems to make the moving in fun somehow! It's such a charming house, I don't know when we'll be heading to OKC again but I look forward to seeing it (& of course you guys)whenever we do. On the same note we can't wait to see you next month! What a treat! ~Wendy.

ktsdad said...

Thinking about you this weekend and wishing I could be there! I'll be anxious to see pix when you're settled!
Love ya'

Mike said...


I'm very happy for you guys!! Of course, I would HELP you move if I wasn't so far away! (That's very safe for me to say....FROM PORTLAND!! LOL)

Lola's *mom* said...

Congratulations! We also moved into our first house on St. Patrick's Day last year!

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