Monday, March 26, 2007

Only one box left!

And that one will hopefully be unpacked today. Ryan hung a cabinet above the toilet in the bathroom but has to check to make sure it's in a stud before I can fill it up. Our walls are lathe and plaster with sheet rock on top of that so while hanging pictures you would hear clumps of plaster falling inside the wall. Always reassuring! We finished painting the living room on Thursday and a girl from work helped me start on the dining room on Friday. Ryan and I finished it on Saturday. I like it but it really isn't as pretty without that chandelier! We also got the study unpacked and the back bedroom is looking more and more like a guest room/craft room. Except that it's pink so it looks like a kids room. I also washed all the roman shades and curtains they left us and found a place for them. Some kind of car race has been going on at the fairgrounds and since that is only a few blocks away we were hearing that every night. They have also torn up our road pretty good and barricaded it but we can still drive on it. Enough of the chit chat though I know you want pics. If you look closely at this one you will see the tupperware on the couch ingenious idea I had to help move the heavy beast without scratching the floor.And here is the view from the dining room. I think the mirror is growing on me but I still am deciding on what to put on the mantle. Ryan is sweeping in the background. I know you think I did not help do any of this since Ryan is in every pic but I did I promise! I'm just the one who always takes the pictures. Here is a view of the entry and into the study. The guest book is out now so I guess we need to start inviting people over. The study is "Ryan's room" so he got to decorate his bookshelf with computer books and game boxes (and his gold stars mom!). It's dark green and I don't mind it so it will stay that way for awhile. We just have to do touch ups.Next on the agenda is painting the bathroom and putting the pretty pieces in the corner display cabinets in the kitchen. I'm worn out! We did take breaks this week though. Ryan saw 300 and TMNT, I got a pedicure with Lo, we went to church and Bible study, and ate Mexican food. Now we need to take a break to do our taxes sometime! Today's question is have you done yours yet?


April said...

I have to do my taxes as soon as I get the form the mail. One less item I have to worry about getting done.

You two did a wonderful job on the house. Thanks for the idea of using tupperware. I'll have to remember that one.

Lola's *mom* said...

We surely have not done our taxes and we need to. Wow...I can't believe you got all this done in such a short time. I hope you love your new home!

ktsdad said...

Probably the next big news in your life will be when you the get the word that your parents have been carted off to jail for failure to pay their income taxes! Not done and probably won't be before April 15!!!

Kira said...

Looks GREAT!

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