Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Sing Time!!

Ok so this was from 2 years ago but who can beat singing french fries? Last night we went to Spring Sing. It is so fun to go and not be involved in any way and not know who the clubs are going to be. This year the host and hostess numbers had a storyline. I thought it was a neat idea. The only downfall was there were 2 main characters that did most of the numbers and I would've liked to hear the other singers get to sing more than one song. My favorite shows were Kappa's and Pi. Kappa was Elf (like the Will Ferrell movie). Their show was usual. Pi was Red Riding Hood. I might be a bit biased but they had really good lyrics and songs. I can't believe how many people they have now. All the shows were good though and Sigma and Delta were especially funny being Nursery Rhymes and Robin Hood Men in Tights. It will be interesting to see who wins. Tomorrow is the Renaissance Wedding of the century so be sure to check back for pics of that soon! Today's question is have you ever been to a themed wedding? What was the theme?

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April said...

When I lived in NY one of my friends had a Snow White theme. It was gorgeous. The only thing that scared me was the millions of candles lighting the church. The bride managed to find a white carriage to carry the couple off even though it was December and freezing out. I cannot describe how beautiful it was, you would had to have been there.

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