Monday, April 23, 2007


I don't have much to post about so here are some photos of random happenings in our lives. These are the pretty "get well soon" flowers Ryan got me. I am feeling better but still a bit stuffy. This is the beautiful fabric I got at Hancock's (on sale!) for our dining room curtains. With Lo's help and sewing machine hopefully I will have pics of those soon! This is the iris that is blooming in our front flower bed. There are a lot of these in our backyard but they haven't bloomed. I thought they were weeds, but now I am glad I didn't cut them down! I'm ready to sign up for Curb Appeal though on HGTV.

This is the fun vinyl print I got (on sale at Hancock's!) for our patio table.

Here is the 6 ft self portrait I had to do in college. Ryan hung it in the garage. :) Speaking of the garage........look how organized my hubby's tools are!!

And here is the condo Kilzed and recarpeted for Ryan's g-parents in Branson that we helped them move into this weekend. A smoker had lived there for 27 years so there was a lot of cleaning and renovating going on. And here I am with a kitten who clawed my arm and made my lip bleed. Today's question is what remedy do you use to breathe when you are all stopped up? I hate not being able to breathe through my nose but this can lead to an unhealthy dependency on nasal spray when I am sick so I am up for suggestions.

P.S. Keep praying for my Gran and family. She is in the nursing home in Henderson but has a broken vertebrae now on top of her other problems.



I LOVE that fabric for your curtains. Can't wait to see them finished and hanging when we come visit this summer. And that is a VERY good self portrait you did. I think it's cute it is hanging up in the garage. I have no good solutions for a stuffy nose. I always try to stand on my head for a minute to see if the pressure will release a little bit.
Love you guys!
PS cute kitten

lauren and brad said...

ok. don't sick out, but i had to do this when i was soooooo sick like a month ago because i couldn't use nose spray.
Mix together two cups warm water, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. clear karos syrup. Then, with a baby nasal bulb thingy you shoot it up your nose. (over the sink---you get messy) Do the whole two cups of water. It seems to help and it really clears out all the gunk in there. I will mix you up a batch tonight if you want me to! :)

kmom said...

I do like your dining room curtain material. Good luck sewing! Lauren's suggestion for helping your stuffy nose made me laugh and reminded me of the time we tried to get rid of the lice eggs in your hair by pouring vinegar on it.
Hope you try Lauren's remedy and let me know how it works.

kmom said...

Be sure to ask Dad,Randy, Pop, or Gran about the tincture of benzoine treatment. It involves something about putting some of the ointment in an empty coffee can and putting in steaming hot water and putting a towel over your head and breathing in the vapors.

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