Thursday, April 19, 2007

Look What I Can Do!

Here are the last of the Oregon pics. It's still not all of them but I really shouldn't succumb you to ALL the pictures. If you want to though you can click here to see them.
Nolan can open a door.
Violet can jump. Violet and George can listen to a story.
Violet and Hazel can look really cute on Easter.

Violet can feed herself.

George can skateboard.

Hazel can sit up (and crawl now but not until we left)
Violet can zip up Nolan. Nolan can return the favor.

Nolan can ride a horse.
Violet can ride a tricycle.
Hazel can have really long eyelashes.

The end.

I am home sick today thanks to a really sore throat. I'm hoping to get rested and all better before we go to Branson to help the G-parents move, otherwise I won't be much help! Today's question is who are you pulling for so far in the presidential election and why? I'm up for anyone who wants to give us better healthcare!


lauren and brad said...

first of and nolan look EXACTLY like ryan. it's uncanny.
second of all...i won't get allow myself to get into a political debate on blog comments, but i'll say it's anyone in the democratic party that can win that will get my vote. yeah social healthcare!!!
(no matter how much people hate her, hillary pushed HARD for that when bill was president.)

Mom I said...

You sure know how to bring sunshine into a Grandmas day. The pics are all SOOO adorable. Sorry to hear your sick. We won't work you this weekend. You can be the foreman and just tell everyone what to do (with hand signals of course, since your throat hurts.) Love you guys. Mom I

kira said...

I have several comments about the pics. George & Nolan look so much like each other!

The pic of Violet where you say you don't know what face that is - love it (hope Laura sees this & takes that picture & frames it.)

All the kids are like the cutest ever!!! Super cute, can't wait to see them this summer.

Wendy is expecting??? She looks great!

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