Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Portraits of Perfection

I guess I should warn you of the cuteness about to be displayed. And the posts to follow will probably have more of the same. Here are some of my favs of just the kiddos. (P.S. it snowed in OK while we were weird)
I'm not sure which face of Violet's this is. She has many and is quite the little ham. She is a chatterbox and called me Uncle Katie all week. :) Hazel takes after her sister with her funny laugh and she loves to be naked.....who doesn't though, really? George is not a baby anymore. He is a little boy who LOVES to lead singing and play church. We had many Southern accented renditions of "Restore My Spirit Lord" (or Resto-er mah spirit low-erd) and we even got a sermon about Noah that was a little unaccurate.

You decide....does he look more like the kid from the Christmas story or a little Harry Potter? Nolan is the 3rd to receive glasses but he wears them well. Those blue eyes and chubby cheeks are cute enough to eat. And here is Violet modeling the latest in patch fashion wear. It's not a case of domestic's a case of domestic hereditary lazy eye. But she only has to wear it 4 hours a day.....and it's pretty cute. I do have pictures of her with clothes on but she really is happier with them off. Curious George shows off his monkey bar skills....and Buzz Lightyear undies. Nolan often gets called No No Nolan by Violet because he is told No a lot, but here he looks like a pretty innocent kid. Easily forgiven with that face.

Ok I know you are reeling from the dizzyness of cuteness now so I will give you a break. Today's question your insurance an HMO? If so please tell me if you hate it? I can sign up for ours at work tomorrow but I want to know what I am getting into.


lauren said...

yummy yummikins! they are so precious! hehe. and such good pics kate! way to go.
i have no idea what kind of insurance mine is through work. the first time i ever used it was yesterday...i went to a walk-in clinic for a rash. well, this clinic only took bcbs and i had to pay the $20 office visit even though i don't even think my insurance requires a co-pay! this clinic was a little on the impoverished was down by where we live, in the ghetto. :)

FATSO said...

I have a PPO, which I like much better because with an HMO you usually have to get referred to see certain doctors.

Lor K said...

DON'T DO HMO! Speaking from the doctors office side of it it is a pain. Specific doctors, referrals, blah, blah....We have PPO and it is much nicer.
I loved looking at your pictures of the kids, can't wait to see more! We sure loved seeing you guys, and miss you tons already. Love you!

leslie. said...

is it too late?! pick the PPO! with HMOs you're limited with physicians, specialists, and sometimes certain prescription medications!

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