Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Smart Okies

Conversation with OGE customer service
Me: Hi I recently moved and was wanting the new account number, and also wondered if I have a bill to pay from the previous address because I did not receive one
OGE: Your new number is ****** and yes you do owe $60.30. It was due yesterday.
Me: Oh well I never got a bill for it so how do I know what I owe.
OGE: Well that's because you won't be billed until May 1
Me: So if I don't get the bill until May then do I not pay until then?
OGE: No it was due yesterday April 3
Me: Uh...ok

Does this make sense to anyone else? I did pay it but I don't know how since I'm not going to be billed for another month!


ktsdad said...

If these OGE employees move to TN, they will automatically be hired without an interview by TennCare!

Mom I said...

Sounds about par for utility company logic. Its the same here in Oregon (sorry to say). Can't wait to see you tonight. Have a safe flight. Love ya

April said...

I had the same problem in New York. They expect you to know that you owe them money even if it is their mistake for not sending out a bill. I am dealing with a situation right now and I have proof I do not owe anymore money, yet they insist I do.

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