Friday, April 20, 2007

Up For Grabs!

I promised the list of free giveaways from our unpacking and from things left behind when we got here. If you want it leave a comment or call and I will mark it as taken:

Silver metal paper towel holder
Scale ( to weigh yourself on)
Crock pot --TAKEN
Canvas, Waffle Iron, and electric can opener--TAKEN (better come get it Matty Tat Tat or they are up for grabs again)
White Plastic dish drainer
Silver metal towel rack for bathroom
Lots of nice silverware that used to be my parents (I think this is ok to give away isn't it mom?)
Dishtowels, pot holders, etc with apple theme
Dishtowels blue and white plaid
Random clothes mostly small or size 5-6 (and for my behalf they aren't too small I just don't wear them)
Two photo albums
Recipe album to put index cards
Mystery Trilogy books on cassette tapes
Glass picture frame with pressed flowers in it
Toaster silver metal (not sure if it works they left it)
Ice cube trays
Assorted back packs
Lap top bags with OC logo


kmom said...

Hey! I might want the silverware back or maybe just the large serving spoons. I don't know, I will check with Dad. I do want a new backpack, since the duct tape inside your old brown one has come undone and the zipper on one of the outside pockets broke (I fixed it with safety pins fastened on the inside.) Pop and Gran will have tons of stuff to give away.

kmom said...

Also, I might want the blue/white plaid dishtowels.

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