Friday, April 27, 2007

We Own Art

Last night Ryan, Allison, and I went to the OKC Arts Festival (mainly for the food) but we browsed through the art after we ate a bodacious burrito, strawberries newport, and apple pie with ice cream and actually found an artist with beautiful work. When you first look at it, it just looks like a drawing, but it is cut rice paper. He cut it all out with a knife. He was a very nice man with a great variety and a good price. So we actually bought a piece! Below is a picture of the one we bought. When you frame it you put it on a piece of corrugated backing so you can tell it's not just a drawing. Today's question is Do you own any original art pieces?
P.S. Yesterday the link wasn't working to Jack's page but I fixed it so now it should work.


lor k said...

Troy and I have been to a few art auctions. We have 9 original paintings. I think our oldest one is a lithogram from the late 1800's. They make GREAT conversation pieces. I love them!

Mom I said...

We have two ocean scene paintings by a woman named Winona. We also have a mountain scene painted with spray paint by a girl in Mexicali, Mexico. It was amazing watching her create this pretty picture just using spray paint and a piece of card board. We also have a painting of the Portland skyline done by Leann Woodard. I love it. I love your new piece too. It looks like an old house you would see driving through the Ozark mountains around Branson. What color of frame and matte are you going to use?

ktsdad said...

2 of our Sumler pieces are original, signed pieces (before she started producing ltd. edition prints) and all of my acquisitions from the Ann Arbor Street Art Festival are original (OD stuff). At the office I have original works of 4 patients who are artists.

Carrie M said...

I have 4 or 5 beautiful framed paintings by the amazing artist George Thomas Moore (2 years old at the time). They are by far my most precious pieces are artwork in the house.

Anonymous said...

We buy art everywhere we go...I have one water color of Notre Dame that was still drying when I bought it along the River Siene in Paris. Brent bought a acrylic (sp) as well and we got 4 paintings in Rome of various places in Rome. I love doing things like that it's a great keepsake of the places you've been! I have some orginal photographs as well of Kansas City and London.

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