Saturday, April 14, 2007

We saw other people too!

Believe it or not, all the pics aren't just of the neices and nephews. Here are some more of our fun times in Oregon.....

Here are the boys at the bowling alley. That was quite an entertaining night.

We ate at Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie's one night with cousins we don't usually get to be together with AND their babies. These are the great grand kids. What a bunch! You can see where she gets her smile from. Baby #2 debuts in June!Despite popular belief, Ryan actually does have parents. they don't get a lot of press on here but they do exist and we love them dearly!The grandparents hosted us twice while we were there and had delicious meals! Right now they are on a train trip out east.
Believe it or not he is still single. I'm trying to find him a lady friend. Any takers? Anyone...anyone....Bueller?Jack Sprat could eat no fat, because he was a swimmer you see, and so between laps in the swimming pool, he fed a bottle to baby. (not as good as my limericks but I'm working on it)

P.S. Thanks for the HMO advice. There were a few different kinds to choose from so the one I am signing up for does not require doctor references but it's stil an HMO. We'll see how it works.


Mom I said...

We're glad Ry claims us and we love you guys too. Guess what, Hazel finally crawled today. Did ya check out the Kronewitter blog. More cute pics. See ya Friday (Lord willing and the creek don't rise, as my Grandpa used to say). Love ya loads.

lo said...

cute pics!!!

Mathias & Craig Families said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures from your visit. Visits are always too short aren't they?! I hope you're enjoying being back home after getting a break from responsibilities! We sure enjoyed getting to see you guys! Love you! ~Wendy.

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