Thursday, May 17, 2007

Appreciate Your Horn Day

It's the little things in life we take for granted. Take for instance car horns. Awhile ago my car showed signs of electrical malfunction because if you honk the horn it would set off my car alarm, which I do not have a control for and have no way to turn it off except to unhook the battery. Ryan decided to just unhook the horn to save the embarassment and hassel (think of the VW bus on Little Miss Sunshine...that's what my car would do). I didn't mind but the other day while sitting at a green light the car in front of me would not go. I'm a patient driver but they weren't even looking up. I just had to sit there through another red light. I can't even honk for peace at the cross section where the people (and nuns) hold up signs every Tuesday. So today's question is what little things have you taken for granted until they quit working?


lauren and brad said...

MY CAR! It quit working today and it is a disaster! My boss had to come get me for work, I haven't had a chance to buy my husband his birthday gift and his birthday is today!!! And now, we have to spend it getting the car fixed. I hate cars! They have one start when you turn the key. And mine is miserably failing. :(

erin said...

What cross section are you at where they have nuns holding signs for peace?? Will you take a picture next time? :o)

I would have to say the remote. It just makes me realize how lazy I am though. :)

kmom said...

I do hope you will get the car fixed so you can use your horn. Sometimes it helps one avoid being in a wreck. I have taken for granted the ability to swallow properly. After all, babies are born with that ability. However, a stroke can take it away. Thankfully,it can be learned again and it doesn't mean one cannot talk.

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