Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Home Improvement

In case you didn't know, last week was the busiest week of my life. I saw a lot of people and got a lot done but this week I need to rest. I had dinner plans 3 nights with old roomates and old co-workers, Bible Study, Church, Arts Festival, a wedding shower to throw, and sometime in all of that I sewed dining room curtains and painted a bathroom (thanks to the help of Erin who really wanted a girls night and all I wanted to do was work on the house, so she said she would help me....she's crazy nice like that though.) Ryan hung a new mirror and our bathroom looks soooo good now but then our bathroom sink stops draining. And I'm not talking slow drain....I'm talking no drain. So Ryan Drano's and it does nothing and he tries a bunch of things and ends up with all the drano contents he just poured now all over the bathroom floor and has to clean it up. He said so much Drano seeped through his skin he thinks he is sterile now. He even snaked it and crawled under the house to investigate. I was not home through most of this which is a good thing because I'm sure those of you who are married know what it's like when men are frustrated with home repairs :) Today the Plumb Crazy (Yes that's their name) plumbers are on their way over to see what they can do and hopefully the problem will be solved and covered by our home warranty before our Bible study group tonight. Then I can show you pictures! But right now the bathroom is a mess. The light at the end of the tunnel in all of this has been the wonderful chandelier in our dining room that we hung last night. What a difference it makes! I love it! Today's question is what home improvements have been a nightmare for you? This one isn't a nightmare yet but it hasn't been pleasant.


Mathias & Craig Families said...

YIKES! You must be one of those people I admire who can juggle 100 things at a time & still do a good job at getting each item accomplished. I dream of being so talented. We haven't really done much home improvement yet so the only story I can share is finding out this winter that our house had zero insulation. Not good for energy bills. Needless to say there are obviously some home improvements we will be doing before next winter. Don't you think it's hard to pick which one to start with!? Sorry for Ryan~you are definitely a smart woman for staying away during the whole scenario! Rick was talking about it after life group on Sunday night. . . he was hopeful Ryan had fixed the problem. Sometimes don't you wish you had an apt. manager to take care of all those problems?! Love you! ~Wendy.

Mom I said...

Remodeling the house on 3rd street was the nightmare for us. It was a loooooooong 10 months. Sorry to hear your having troubles already but I guess thats just part of the joys of being a homeowner. Wish we lived closer so we (and I use that word "we" very loosely, because I mean "Rick") could help you guys deal with alot of that stuff. We know Ry will figure it out though. He is his fathers son.

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