Thursday, May 31, 2007

Land of Nod Lives

I know, I know, I haven't posted in awhile about what I have been reading and I know you are wondering about this because you look to me for guidance in what you should read. Don't fret. My book club of 2 is still going strong, we just slowed down due to the fact that we both bought houses and moved, and half of us are pregnant now so there are lots of pregnancy books to read too. (The pregnant half is not me.) I have managed to read 3.5 books since January and they are:

1. Lovely Bones--a bit depressing but I like it. It's about a teenage girl in the 60's who is raped and killed and she is narrating from heaven.

2. Can You Keep a Secret--an easy fun read about a girl in her 20's who falls for her boss and learns a secret about him.

3. The Boleyn Inheritance--VERY good. I love reading about the insaneness and drama that followed the royal court around with Henry VIII. So bizarre and sad but a lot like a soap opera. I think Historical Fiction is getting to be my favorite genre. This book follows The Other Boleyn Girl and is about Henry's 4th and 5th wives. I encourage you all to check out the Philippa Gregory books. I check the facts when I am done reading and she really does mostly stay true to historical facts.

3.5. Had a Good Time--In between trips to the library I am reading a book of short stories that I bought at Wall's. The author of this book collects postcards from early 20th century and on the first page of each short story is the postcard and what is written on the back. Then he makes up a story to go along with the whatever is written. (Maybe you should do this with your old pics and postcards from antique stores Carrie.) I think it is unique and creative. My favorite so far was a guy who wrote to his sister saying "Just a line to let you know I am still alive. I am not going on that hayride. The young man that wants me to go with his sister in law. But she has a cork leg. I am awfully tired, that is the main reason." Hilarity follows.

And yes I am still reading through the Bible Chronologically if you want to count that. King David is dead and Solomon is the new king. You can follow along with the link to the right. We really enjoy our class on Wednesday night.

Have you read any good books lately that I should add to my list?


Walt & Saundra said...

YES! I just power read the first two of the Mark of the Lion series, by Francine Rivers. They're set just after Jesus's death, and follow the life of a Jewish girl convert to Christianity and a gladiator. Gorey at times, but good stuff.
Love ya!

erin said...

I just read a three book series by Tracie Peterson. It is Alaskan Quest, followed by Under the Northern Lights, followed by Whispers of Winter. All really good books - they are fiction, but she is a Christian writer so it makes it even better! It's a love story, too. My sister and I sort of read them one after each other so we talked about them when we were done! I've also read Circle of Friends. That was good too.
Erin C.

Mom I said...

Boy you had my heart racing for about 10 seconds there. I really didn't figure I'd find out you were pregnant by reading your blog though. I've "listened" to a bunch of good books lately, but I don't remember any of their names because I go through them too fast. I don't think your a big fan of murder mysteries anyway. Love ya

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