Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shazaam, I'm Glamorous

So much for giving Ryan ideas. I guess I'll keep on posting and what a good one I have for today. Last night was THE MOST RANDOM NIGHT OF MY LIFE. First of all this place, The Conservatory, is a run down building on Western. There are holes in the wall, floor, and ceiling. It doesn't even have a proper door. The "doors" opened at 8:00, but that meant the 2 pre show bands could set up while the 15 audience members stared at the young teenage transvestite boy whose accepting mother drove him to the show. Sadly I do not have a picture of him but we all thought he was a girl until he spoke. Matty Tat Tat and his friends showed up and asked around until they found out Leslie and the Ly's weren't going on until after the bands which would be around 11:00. The bands took an hour to set up then they didn't even play so we left for Barnes and Noble and returned at said time. A few more people had shown up. Maybe 50 at the most, a rainbow assortment of young children, teenagers, adults, goth people, transvestites, Matty and his friends, and me and Ryan. Then the show began. I can't begin to describe the absurdness or hilarity of it. It was so silly and her gold spandex jumpsuit accentuating her less than svelte figure just made you laugh. Her back up singers/dancers were pretty amazing as well in red and black unflattering spandex creeping up their crevices. She sang about gem sweaters and zombie killers and none of it made sense, but it was really funny....which it was supposed to be so she wins. The highlight of the show was when she got two men to hold a two by four on their shoulders while she harnessed herself to it and sung upside down and spinning around. You can see a shot of that below. And also when audience members got up on stage and their gem sweaters got christened with a name so they could be listed in the Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters in Ames, Iowa. Here are the pics of last night.....Here we are, pre-show, not knowing what to expect, by a hole in the wall, Ryan thinking "what has my wife and cousin gotten me into?" Me thinking "where are all the people, she's been on VH1?" and Matt thinking "Could I BE any hotter in this home made T-shirt?"Yeah I can still rock the side pony. The moment we have all been waiting for as she bursts through her picture. You have to have good self esteem to wear this, and she wears it well. Singing from the 2x4. Does anyone else see the Tevye resemblance in the man on the left? Here are the people on stage receiving their gem sweater certificates. Our new friend Jack is on the end sporting the western look of gems. Matt's crew with the lady of the evening. And my favorite one, Matt with his future wife. He proposed and she said "if you cook." Lucky for her, he does. And the one you have all been waiting for. Proof that we were there in all our confused glory rocking out with the random of OKC to this diva. I don't know what Ryan's look is about. A good time was had by all. I can't wait for her glorious return.


Mom I said...

Regarding Rys posting, I read it too late to comment before the new post. I think he should ponder and post about his wonderful growing up years and make everyone jealous that they aren't a part of the crazy Isenberg/Butcher clan. (Do I sound biased or what?) I love that last picture of you two and "that woman". Ry actually looks like he's in shock, which might be true from the sounds of it. Glad a fun time was had by all.

Carrie M said...

Good times, good times. With your side pony, you totally look like the girl from Napolean Dynamite!

kmom said...

I want Ryan to post about his point of view on house repairs and house improvements.

lor k said...

I think that Ryans look sums up your whole experience! She seems like a very odd lady, but it looks like you had a good time.

Biby Cletus said...

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