Sunday, May 20, 2007

So that happened

(Ryan Posting)

And vvvvrrrrroooOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM...another year of marriage is overtaken on the highway of life. That's 2 years for those of you keeping score at home. It was a pretty good year if I recall correctly. Along with bringing us closer together in our relationship, it also brought with it 3 new jobs (2 for Katie, only 1 for me) and a shiny new (70 year old) home.

We marked the occasion with an enjoyable evening of dining and theater. The cuisine came courtesy of an interesting little place called The Haunted House Restaurant. The general idea of the curators of this fine establishment was a simple, 3 step plan:

1. Put a restaurant in a crime scene
2. ???
3. Profit!

Basically it's a mansion at the end of a long gravel road off of I-44 where 3 people were killed in the 60's that is now a eating establishment. It was different, it was fun, and the food...well, let's just say you're paying for the atmosphere. Then we went and saw a movie film called Fracture staring a kid name Ryan Gosling (star of The Notebook, which my wife has so graciously spared me from thus far) playing a lawyer and Anthony Hopkins starring as, you guessed it, a brilliant psychopath (hey, do one thing, do it well). The movie we went to see was actually not playing anymore, and we were talked into seeing this one by a rather peppy guy behind us in line, so I wasn't expecting much. However, it turned out to be an enjoyable picture, so if you're reading this, guy who was behind us in line (and really, i hope you aren't, since that would be creepy), thanks.

That's the summary of how it went down, and that's about all I have to say. Sorry to all those who are apparently missing my posts, but I don't share my wife's gift of bloggery. It really does take some skill to post interesting, coherent messages every other day like she does, and she does it so well too. So props to her for that, and also for putting up with me for another year.

Transmission End.


Anonymous said...

You guys had an interesting weekend. Congrats on enjoying another year!! I'm glad Fracture was a good movie since I took the kids to watch Shrek and was very disappointed. It wasn't as funny to me as the prior two, oh well. Have a good day you two! -April

lauren and brad said...

Happy Anniversary! and thanks to Ryan for the post and for sharing Katie with me on Saturday!

Anonymous said...


Mom I said...

Congrats to our most wonderful son and his amazing wife. Two years!! Yeah!! Your card is in the mail. No, really, it is. We love you guys very much. Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Here is a little married humor for you two. I know you both can breathe knowing that this will never happen to either of you. :)

> Three men were sitting together bragging about how
> They had given their new wives duties.
> The first man had married a Woman from Colorado and
> Had told her that she was going to do dishes and house
> Cleaning. It took a couple days, but on the third day
> He came home to a clean house and dishes washed and Put away.
> The second man had married a woman from Nebraska.He
> Had given his wife orders that she was to do all the
> Cleaning, dishes, and the cooking.
> The first day he didn't see any results, but the next
> Day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his
> House was clean, the dishes were done, and there was
> A huge dinner on the table.
> The third man had married a girl from West Virginia.
> He told Her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned,
> Dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and
> Hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the
> First day he didn't see anything, the second day he
> Didn't see anything, but by the third day some of
> The swelling had gone down and he could see a little
> Out of his left eye, enough to fix himself a bite to
> Eat and load the dishwasher.

Walt & Saundra said...

Happy Anniversary!! Time just keeps going faster and long as you stay away from the wacky brownies, that is.
Love you!

kmom said...

Ryan, thanks for blogging and including pictures. Super thanks for doing a great job of taking care of Katie. Love ya!

Karen MEG said...

Cute anniversary post... and you two are brave indeed!!!

Amanda said...

She does do it well! But your not so bad! :)

God bless-

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