Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Un-random Part

We did normal things this weekend too. On Saturday we were in search of patio furniture for the front or back patios we have. We couldn't agree on anything but we did buy a planter for our front railing(that I hope to fill this weekend when my parents are here!), a vase for Erin's tall twigs, and a bench for our living room (for super cheap at Garden Ridge). We also watched the Pursuit of Happiness with the new Blockbuster mail in DVD program we signed up for. It's in lieu of getting cable and I'm pretty excited about it. We liked the movie. Then in the evening was Janine's personal shower/Bachelorette party. We were SUPPOSED to go to Bahama Breeze for dinner but when we arrived the sign said closed permanently. It was odd because we had just called them a week ago and they made no mention of it, and they are a pretty popular place to eat in OKC. So we switched plans and went to Cheeseburger in Paradise instead. Ryan went to Jonathan's to watch "the fight." Sunday we churched and Ryan did yard work. I tried to help but after 5 minutes I gave up. Our magnolia tree is starting to bloom. I had a dream someone cut it down and I was sorely upset. That's about all for now. I have to get ready for work and brave the storms to get to Newcastle. We'll save OKC storm talk for another post.


lauren and brad said...

cute bench...maybe i should get one. if only i had a place to put it. why are you only helping ryan for 5 minutes in the yard?

Mom I said...

Ryan might not expect you to help in the yard much. I don't think he saw his mother doing the yard stuff very often. The outside work has always been Ricks thing. I hope Ry likes to work in the yard more than I do. My green thumb is sorely lacking. I hope you have a great time with your parents this weekend. I hope the rain lets up before you guys get any flooding. Love ya

Anonymous said...

5-23-07....ryan and katie, HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY.........LOVE, FROM AUNT KATHY

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