Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Sister!!

Today is my sister Amy's 28th birthday and also the first day of summer. To honor these two occasions I overslept and Ryan hung the chandelier in our hallway. I know Amy would be pleased to know we did these things in honor of her. I would now like to enlighten you on some of my favorite childhood memories with her.

Amy was always an entrepreneur. When we came back from the beach one summer we brought TONS of sea shells with us. So we decorated them with markers and stood by the mailbox and tried to sell them. (This was probably to earn a badge for our Unicorn Club that she made up just to boss me around) I'm sure our neighbors humored us and bought some, but I really don't remember. Then she learned the skilled craft of friendship bracelets and peddled those to her friends. She also started me in on selling buttons. That's right those dorky buttons that people pinned to their blue jean jackets. (Don't kid yourself, you know you were rockin one of your favorite NKOTB member on your Jordache jacket) My father had a button machine for some reason and she drew things on paper and then made them into buttons to sell to her friends. I got good at drawing ninja turtle heads and batman for the boys but I honestly do not remember what I drew for the girls. You may laugh at these things, but I think she had about 1 million dollars in the bank by the time she was 15. Ok maybe not that much but she was a penny pincher...and still is. I cherish all the memories I have of her bossing me around and inspiring me to sell worthless things and I just wanted to say I love you and Happy Birthday sister!!!


Your Sister said...

Thank you! I liked my b-day card and the wedding pix. I love you!

ktsdad said...

The two most beautiful offspring in the world!!!

lauren and brad said...

two things.

1. sisters are the greatest thing in the world.

2. i totally had the over-sized donnie wahlberg button on my stone-washed did you know? :)

Mom I said...

I agree with your dad that those are two ADORABLE little girls. That bodes well for my future grandchildren. I can relate with Amy. I started The Dogooders Club when I was a kid. I did it mainly to boss my friends around and sell dorky homemade cards door to door to earn my fortune. Hope Amy had a very happy birthday. And it actually looks like she was taller than you at one point in her life, Katie.

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