Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

In honor of father's day, we finally put up the wedding pictures of our parents and grandparents that I have been meaning to do for 2 years. They are proudly hanging in our hallway. You can click on the pic to see a larger image. We also painted the pink room. It is now the tan room. And this week we got some more beautiful unexpected blooms in our yard. You never know what will pop up! We both wish we could have been with our father's today but cards and phone calls will have to do until we see them in 2 weeks! Hurrah! Here are pics of the bedroom and new flowers. Happy Father's Day to all fathers, grandfathers, and soon to be fathers!!!


erin said...

I love your picture wall! I want to do that too but haven't gotten the pics yet - just my parents. :)

Lane Adair said...

Yay for readers! and yay for flowers blooming...jess and I are having an awful time with that. we are flower serial killers. whats your email and I will add you!

lauren and brad said...

way to go week-end warriors! :) yeah, no new blooms for us...just tragic "trying to hang on" old blooms. :)

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